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I'm Mira K. As I learn data visualisation & information design craft, I take notes. Some of these notes end up here.

What's Dataviz.Garden?

This space is more of a digital garden than a blog. It means it is fragmentary (bullet madness!) but also heavily interconnected.

A lot of pages of the garden are just short observations or comments (see recent additions ↓) but these can often grow, after some time, into more structured notes (bigger questions ↓).

I get most of the goodies from the dataviz community, the seeds of this garden, from a variety of sources. If you want to follow them with me, check my Dataviz Brew.

Most of the notes are written from a beginner/intermediate learner's point of view. (And indeed they are shaped by my biases, e.g. preferred tools.)

How to navigate the garden?

You can find your rabbit holes here like in Wikipedia...

...except the design of this site let's you to go easily forward or back, to explore this or that.

How is the garden built?

First, I write my notes in an app called Roam.

I then take them to Roam.Garden, the platform which powers this site. Definitely check Roam.Garden if you like the way this site is designed.

Read more in: About Dataviz.Garden.

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